In spite of the fact that we plan to give what is ideal to our clients once in a while because of unexpected conditions, the client dislikes our item or it may not what they would expect or it might have gotten harmed on its way for conveyance.
Under these conditions, you can make a return, discount, or scratch-off demand. Here are our rules under which your request would be qualified for the abovementioned.

  • You can make retraction demands within 5 hours of putting in your request. You need to share your email ID alongside your request ID and the justification for your retraction. Utilize a similar ID to drop the request which you have utilized for requesting it.
  • When your request is sent from the stockroom it can’t be dropped under any conditions. In the event that when gotten the item is harmed or defective, you can make a bring demand back.
  • The sum for the returned items will be discounted inside 7 working days with the installment strategy you selected. Assuming that the item is harmed or flawed we will supplant it. We will discount the item whenever it is confirmed by our quality checkers.
  • On account of altered items, we can’t supplant or discount them. Be that as it may, assuming the item gotten is harmed you will be qualified for a discount. The clients are mentioned to actually look at the size prior to requesting any altered item for them.
    Note: The tone might fluctuate because of the light in the image.